Can you imagine?  “How do you hard boil an egg?” makes the top 3 most searched questions each year?

I would not have believed it, until this past Thanksgiving.  My 20 year old son and his girlfriend decided to make Deviled Eggs.  As I looked over, I see them on the computer with the eggs and pan in their hands.  I said, you seriously don’t know how to hard boil eggs?  So, I guess it could be true!

In their search, we quickly realized, there is more than one way to hard boil eggs!  So, I had to dive in and see why such a simple process was yielding so many different rules!

Well, apparently, how many eggs you put in a pan is a concern.  A single layer of eggs is key to making sure they are all cooked evenly.  I usually just put then all in a pan!  Oops!

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Getty Images

Then the BIG debate – do you boil the water THEN put the eggs in to cook or do you put the eggs in cold water then boil?  OH THE STRESS!!

Here’s how I do it – I put the eggs in a pan, fill with water and turn stove on.  I let them boil for 5 additional minutes once the bubbles start.   I then let then sit in cold water then peel!  Done!

Apparently, there are other ways…

Some people put the eggs in the pot, let the water boil, then remove from heat, cover and let sit for 15 minutes.

Others let the water come to a boil, add the eggs and let them boil 15 minutes.


One study shows that if you place the eggs in hot water to start the process, this makes the peeling is easier!  I thought my peeling was pretty easy from cold!

So, WOW, right?  Who knew?  I guess this leads me to this question I NEVER thought I would ask (as I really only thought there was one way)…how do you boil and egg?

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