After months and months of negotiations, American Idol has finally come to an agreement on who will host the upcoming season with auditions beginning in Mid-August.

It's not a huge surprise but Ryan Seacrest will return to host the new season. His role will be shortened from other seasons since he will be keeping up his duties with Live with Kelly and Ryan as well as his radio show. It's reported that he will most likely not be a huge part of the audition rounds and will only appear during the live rounds.

Seacrest is expected to be in Los Angeles for live Idol shows on Sunday nights, then fly to New York overnight to appear on Live with Kelly and Ryan and do his radio show Monday Morning. Apparently, his camp wanted his name taken out of the negotiations early on, according to The Hollywood Reporter but apparently after being offered a salary upwards of $10 million, they changed their minds.

American Idol has only been gone a little over a year but after FOX left its attachment to the franchise, you will now be able to watch it Sundays on ABC with auditions starting in mid-August. ABC has been talking to Lionel Richie, Nikki Sixx, and Keith Urban as potential judges but the only judge that has been officially confirmed sos far is Katy Perry.

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