I saw this trending story out of Myrtle Beach, SC and was hoping it wasn't true.

If all the information being reported is accurate, THIS has surpassed the threat of shark attacks as the most horrifying thing to be concerned about as we head to the beaches this Summer.  3 words: Flesh Eating Bacteria.

Marsha Barnes Beal has made claims on her personal Facebook that her mother had to be airlifted to UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill over the weekend and into emergency surgery. Doctors will have to amputate the horribly infected part of her leg to save her life just a few days after she allegedly came into contact with the bacteria.

I've spent at least 4 or 5 vacations in the past 10 years swimming in the waters of the Grand Strand.  I've always heard that sharks circled the waters, but haven't really been too fearful.  I can swim pretty quickly (or at least faster than the person next to me) and I also heard you can punch a shark right in it's grill and it may back off.  However, any attempts to out swim bacteria are futile, and even the most skilled fighters have never defeated germs.

I wish her and her family well and hope she makes as full of a recovery as humanly possible despite the scary and unfortunate circumstances.


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