It was a pretty scary event that happened at Dolce and Biscotti Italian Bakery in Clifton Park yesterday evening. Unexpectedly, a car accelerated through the bakery and up to the counter. The Clifton Park Fire Department responded and they say no one was hurt.
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According to the Clifton Park Fire Department's Facebook page, just after five o'clock on Tuesday evening, the driver of a car that was parked in the parking space right in from of Dolce and Biscotti accidentally hit the gas instead of the break and sent their car right into the plate glass windows of the store. It is very fortunate that not only was the driver uninjured but no one inside the Italian bakery was hurt either.

These are pictures from the Clifton Park Fire Department that they posted on their Facebook. After seeing these photos it is really lucky that no one was injured after this unexpected mishap. The damage inside the store looks very extensive and Dolce and Biscotti will temporarily close until they can adequately repair the building.

News 10 ABC spoke to owner Mary Baldi-Fron who was in the bakery at the time the car came through the building:

My back was to her and I was pinned between the cases and the tables. I was decorating, so no I did not see the woman drive through; I was trying to get myself out once it stopped.

The owner and seven other employees were in the bakery at the time and fortunately, no one was injured. Dan at Zachary's Bakery is a friend of the owner and will help to fulfill Dolce and Biscotti's orders until they are back up and running.

Dolce and Biscotti, located in the Parkwood Plaza off of Route 9 in Clifton Park is one of my favorite Italian bakeries. Their cakes, cannolis, cookies, and everything in between are delicious. I am so glad that no one was injured. After all, you can always fix a car, glass windows, and the building. That's what's most important.

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