The big day is coming. Finally the debut of that NFL Amazon "Stat That" commercial that I am in will be airing on Thanksgiving day.

How Did They Choose Me for This National Commercial?

The story goes something like this. I sent in a video showing what a big Buffalo Bills fan I am. The producer then reached out and wanted to do a zoom call. Apparently, they liked what they saw and I was offered just one of seven speaking roles in an NFL Amazon Commercial.

What Did I Have to Do in The Commercial?

I had to go out to Buffalo for wardrobe and filming. I got fitted for a few outfits and the next day I would be on a boat cheering on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with another guy.

Chrissy Townsquare Media

Here is the storyboard or sketch drawing of what our commercial was going to be.

Chrissy Cavotta

My partner and I were in a boat on the Niagara River, pretending to be in Tampa Bay. When we were cued, we had to point at the iPad screen on the boat and yell "stat that!'. Then we were to celebrate with each other by high fiving and hugging. Oh, by the way, I hate Tom Brady and I had to act like he was throwing an amazing touchdown pass.

Chrissy Townsquare Media
Chrissy Townsquare Media
Chrissy Townsquare Media

When Will It Air?

The plan is for it to air on Thanksgiving during the football games. I am hoping that it does. They couldn't give us an exact date, but that is what they were aiming for when we filmed back on October 6th. Here's hoping during Thanksgiving dinner you can all cheer along with me and yell, "STAT THAT" and pass the stuffing.

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