Are you feeling like doing something nice for someone tonight?  Maybe you're looking for a way to pay it forward tonight?

This week a couple of my favorite WGNA listeners reached out to me and asked me to help them out.  Both are going through a really tough time, and if you have a couple of spare dollars, maybe you could consider donating to one of their causes.

Merry reached out to me about one of her friends, Julie who is in desperate need of a liver transplant.  Julie is only 21 years old and without a transplant, doctors don't think Julie will live longer than a year.

The GoFundMe page for Julie says,

We are in desperate need of funding to support Julie's past, current, and future medical bills, hopsital stays, hotel rooms for herself and family members during procedures. We know times are tough for everyone, but any donation no matter how small is truly appreciated.

Julie is currently at Albany Med and sill soon be transferred to New York City, if you'd like to help her family, CLICK HERE.


I know that 'GNA listeners have such big hearts!  So if you're in the mood to help out a little bit, maybe one of these causes speak to you!  As always, thanks for being the best listeners in the world!


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