Do you ever wonder what kind of underwear your man would prefer to see you in?  There is a lot of talk about granny panties versus thongs these days.  But which is really the sexiest?

Well, thankfully science has gotten behind this dilemma and now we have a definitive answer to the age old question - Which type of lingerie is the hottest?

Here are the top five types of bras that men like to see on women -

1. push-up bra

2. regular bra

3. bustier bra

4. strapless bra

5. sports bra

Here are the top 5 types of underwear that men like to see on women -

1. thong

2. brief

3. bikinis

4. boy shorts

5. none

"No underwear" only got 4% of the vote in this survey, so does that means 96% of men prefer a woman actually wearing underwear?

I've heard guys say this before, but I was never sure if it was true... according to the survey, 12% of men do think a push-up bra is false advertising!

And, this isn't surprising, but I guess 90% of men vastly underestimate how much nice lingerie costs.  Hmmmmm...

How about this stat!  8% of guys said would end things with a woman if she didn't wear underwear he liked. No way!!!

Guys, do you think this survey is accurate?  Girls, what do you think?

Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images