'Hercules' is pounding the Northeast with a massive amount of snowfall, wind and icy cold temperatures. However, The Weather Channel is the only outlet calling the storm by name!

According to their web site, "The decision to begin naming storms came about as part of The Weather Channel’s program to find the best possible ways to communicate severe weather information on all distribution platforms, including social media." However, other media outlets are claiming that it's all hype and not necessary to name a winter storm.

Jillian MacMath of Accuweather states that the 'naming' of storms by one outlet and not by the others may cause confusion. "In unilaterally deciding to name winter storms, The Weather Channel has confused media spin with science and public safety. We have explored this issue for 20 years and have found that this is not good science and will mislead the public. Winter storms are very different from hurricanes."

What do you think? Should we name winter storms? What would be a good name for this storm? Please leave your comments in the section below.

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