The other day, we asked our listeners for some helpful tips to make life easier!  Again, our listeners  came through for us with some great tips, a few I can’t wait to try!  I know you are going to want to try these too!  Here they are organized for you.


Appliance/Kitchen Cleaning:

Maureen: Use Vinegar and cold water to wash hard wood floors or woodwork. Makes it shine!

Samara: Hard water stains on your dishes after running them through the dishwasher? One coffee cup full of white vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher and run your dishwasher as you normally would (with detergent) and your dishes will shine.

Samara : Also, Clifton Park has Hard water and causes your whites to turn dingy. Vinegar in with the laundry cycle and whites will stay white

Heather: Based on a tip recently featured on Facebook, instead of using a store-bought cleaner (to be used on floors and also for stubborn stains on cooking pots,) yesterday I used baking soda, vinegar, a little dish-washing soap and very warm water to clean a crock pot. It worked beautifully.  Wear a mask or stay away from the kitchen until the fumes have dissipated

Tammi:  Dishwasher Cleaner - Use one Lemonade Kool-Aid packet to clean your dishwasher instead of buying the expensive stuff from the store. I think they are usually 10 cents a envelope!

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Andrea: Corn meal kills ants. when they eat it, it expands and kills them. If you have an ant problem you can try that and it won't be harmful to other animals. If you are anti ant killing, don't use this method!

Adrian: Ants won't cross over a chalk line... Draw with white chalk anywhere they are coming in... I watched the ants turn around after I did this.

Theresa: spray bottle with dawn dish soap and water kills bees instantly!! without chemicals!

Karen: Ants don't like cinnamon, put it down n they go away, lol

Theresa: spray bottle with dawn dish soap and water kills bees instantly!! without chemicals!

Sean: If you are going to attempt to spray a bees nest yourself. Do It at night and not when your landscaper is currently working in that area! Lol

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Jennifer: what about mixing peanut butter and jelly in a bowl before putting it on the bread so its not soggy from the jelly?

Sean: When you make a pb and jelly sandwich, you put pb on BOTH sides of the bread and the jelly in the middle

Sean: You eat the sandwich in the bag so it doesn't get all Over your hands.

Karen: Wrap sandwiches in paper towel in plastic bag, so it won't t get soggy from moisture in the bread... Been doing it for years!!

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Household Cleaning

Samara: Baby wipes are perfect for cleaning microfiber furniture of little "oop's"...I also use them to remove my makeup or to just clean my face in the morning. Cheaper than Ponds and more gentile on your skin than facial cleanser.

Leslie: Instead of washing all your good curtains and valances in the washer, just put them in the dryer with 2 or 3 fabric softner sheets and it pulls the dust off them and freshens them up. use a no heat cycle for about 10 or 15 mins. and take them out right away and hang them right back up so you don't get wrinkles in them.

Leslie: use vac. attachment to vac. all vents in the house. it gets all dust off.

Leslie: use magic erasers when cleaning tub and shower it does a way better job than a regular sponge

Samara: got a ding in your wood furniture? Rub a walnut into the ding. It conceals it

Sandy: If you have a clogged drain - pour coke down the drain clears it out- use it once a month as maintain the drain to keep it clear

Jennifer: Tooth paste removes sharpie from your cabinets

Caller: Use bread to pick up broken glass

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Bethany : Put your cellphone in a bowl to make the music louder


Andrea: If you don't have gutter covers...use a slinky and leaves won't settle in the gutters! Fasten it with binder clips to keep it in place!

Heather: I don't have any slinkys (!), but a friend of mine placed strips of wire netting in my gutters and they've worked perfectly well now through two winters.

Karen: Read on Facebook... Lol... To melt ice off your car, mix 2/3 vinegar to 1/3 water and spray... Watch ice disappear... I hope it works!!

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Caller:  If you like peace and quiet don’t have kids!!


Annemarie: spray febreze all over then have a glass of wine ; )    (I may offer to clean the house tonight!!)

Cathie still needs our help…..and ideas for her?

Cathie: I was listening to all the tips on my way too work this morning.. They were all good.. Does anyone have any tips on what can help to keep spiders from coming in Eekkkkk, I'm petrified of them.

Keep this going and add your favorite “make life easier” tip and spread this list around to help others!