We adopted Tika from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society about a year ago.  She's a puggle and when we brought her home she was about 10 pounds overweight... Which at 31 pounds was quite a bit!

We put her on a normal diet, not too strict, but no extras!  And we made sure to walk her around all the time!  She is 9 years old, so I didn't want to put her under too much pressure!  I mean, when we got her she couldn't even twist around to scratch her ear with her paw!

Well, it didn't take Tika very long to drop some pounds!  She's down 8 pounds since we got her!  She looks so much slimmer in her sweater vest!  And, most importantly, I'm sure she'll be able to spend a little extra time with us because of her weight loss!

Fast forward to tonight... I was taking her for her evening stroll through the neighborhood when my neighbor pulled into her driveway.  She said hello and pet Tika and proceeded to tell me how fat my dog was!

Well!  I was pissed!  How dare you insult my puppy!  (And also I was a little relieved she decided not to say anything about me!)

I legitimately felt sorry for Tika!  As if she heard it, or even would care if she did hear it!

Then, I wished I was a dog for a minute.  I mean think about it!  You walk around naked all the time, you don't give any f*cks, if a relative stranger calls you fat, you don't even look up, notice, or care!  You lay around all the time and get all kinds of love and affection!  Probably even more if you are on the chunky side!

Sounds perfect, right!

Then I was mad at my nosy neighbor!  Mind your own business! I felt the need to defend my pooch!  "She has already lost 8 pounds since we adopted her!" I said... but then I started thinking about that too!  I mean, I don't have to justify my self to this woman!  She doesn't know me!  Ugh!

See my frustration?!  I mean I think I take pretty good care of my doggie!  And she's snoring peacefully on the couch as I type this, so I think she's fine.

What do you think!?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Here's a pic of my fat dog -

Happy 4th! 🇺🇸 #pugglesofinstagram #july4th

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