Social media is a powerful tool, whether it uses its powers for good or bad. Luckily, in this case, a woman turned to Facebook and you can help this little girl find her best friend.

There's a post going around Facebook from Danielle Howarth about her friends from San Diego who were visited the Albany area the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was an otherwise great trip, until they realized their little girl lost her bunny.

According to the Facebook page they created, Bunny has been 9-year-old Cecily's best friend since she was a baby. He has slept with her every night, gone on adventures together, and comforted her when she was sad.

The family thinks they lost the bunny in Albany or Saratoga on 11/24. They didn't notice the bunny was missing until they were on the airplane back to San Diego. They don't have a recent photo but did mention that the "stuffed animal has seen better days," even on his second nose at this point.

They've spoken with pretty much everyone at Albany Airport, thinking they may have lost him there but mentioned that he could have fallen out of the car while they were at the Sunoco on Wolf Rd. If you have any information, post on their Facebook.

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