Like many places across the state, Highmark Stadium is also experiencing staffing issues. That's why Buffalo Bills fans are being warned to arrive at least an hour early before gates open to line up. This way you will be more likely to catch the kickoff of the Buffalo Bills NFL season.

The Buffalo Bills sent out a letter to fans warning them of a new time that gates would open to accommodate their "staffing challenges" at the stadium on Sunday, September 12th according to The letter stated that gates will now open at 11 am. This is thirty minutes earlier. They are also recommending that fans get to the stadium gates no later than noon. They warn if you do arrive after 12 pm, you might miss the kickoff to the Buffalo Bills season.

In a statement released by the Buffalo Bills, they explained that in hosting Bills fans to full capacity, they have to account for a staff shortage. In order to operate the most efficiently, they say that the early gate times will allow them to move fans in with the extra time allotted. Their goal is to get all fans into Highmark Stadium and into their seats for kickoff.

I am pretty sure that Buffalo Bills' fans will adhere to the early open gate times. It certainly won't deter them from heading to see their beloved Buffalo Bills. If anything it will get them into the parking lots even earlier to tailgate before heading into the game.

Go Bills!

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