Mother's Day is right around the corner and we want to celebrate the loving ladies who do so much for us. That's right moms, we're talking about you!

In April, we collected dozens of submissions from our listeners about why their moms are the hardest working. Now each of the four selected finalist moms are counting on your votes to win the grand prize!

The Grand Prize winner will receive a day of pampering from Shelley Salon & Day Spa, in East Greenbush, valued at $500, including a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, haircut and blowout!

Three runner-ups will each receive a $50 gift card to the salon.

Read about each of the four finalists below, as selected by WGNA, and vote for your favorite.

Contest Details

      • May 5-May 9: Listeners will vote for mom who most deserves the grand prize.
      • Winner will be chosen on May 9 and contacted by phone.
Mom 1

My mother raised 5 daughters on her own, four of which have successful careers, and the youngest of which is graduating from Russell Sage College next month and starting graduate school at SUNY Albany in the fall. She works for Herkimer County Boces traveling all over Washington County to tutor children that need extra help, and on the side is a substitute teacher when needed. She has a third job assisting another family with household chores. She takes Fridays off to babysit her granddaughter and another little girl who lives down the street. On her off time she enjoys spending time with her seven grandchildren, four of which live in New Hampshire, finding garage sales with her daughters, and watching Nascar whenever she gets the chance. She spends countless hours listening to our day to day life issues over the phone, she makes us birthday dinners every year even though w e all have our own homes, and still tells us to call if we need a ride home. She has more energy than anyone I know and never stops giving of herself. She definitely deserves the title of Hardest Working Mom!!!

Mom 2

My mom is literally the hardest working most dedicated woman I've ever met. From the moment she wakes up at 5am she is going and going until she goes to bet at 9pm (sometimes later). One time I woke up in the morning and all the furniture in the house was rearranged, she moved a 3-person couch up the stairs all by herself! She didn't ask for anyone's help even though she could have, she just got it done. Another time I was just waking up (is there a common theme here?), it was 8:00 in the morning and her and my brother were cutting up my neighbor's tree that had fallen, just as a nice neighborly thing to do (anyone who has cut up a tree knows how hard that is!). She also did the exact same thing for my brother's girlfriend's family! She is also a single mom (a hard enough job I'm sure!) but works 10-hour days to make ends meet and still finds time to get all the housework and yard work taken care of. We just re-did our kitchen and she would get up at 4am with her boyfriend and work on the kitchen until she had to go to work at 9. She would be eating her breakfast while she worked! Just to get it done! Oh and she also hosted 15 people for thanksgiving while the kitchen was being redone, no big deal. My mother is my inspiration to be the best woman I can be, I have no idea how she works so hard and does so much day in and day out but I just hope that one day I can do half of what she does! She is a wonderful chipper woman who has so much love in her heart. She constantly gives of herself and doesn't ask for anything in return. She would rather spend money on us kids than money to pamper herself, she never does stuff like this because she can't afford it. I believe she deserves this award more than anyone.



Mom 3

My mom, Kristen Church, works three jobs to support our family. Her 8-5 job on Monday-Friday she works as a Manager at Key Bank. Monday and Wednesday nights and weekends she coaches three soccer teams for the Latham Circle Soccer Club. On Sundays from 7-7 and occasionally on her free week nights she takes care of an elderly woman. At times, she goes more than a month without a day off. Some weeks, she'll put in over 70 hours of work yet she will never complain and always has a smile on her face. She deserves the best Mothers Day ever because she is an amazing woman, mom, coach and friend.

Mom 4

My mom is the hardest working mom because up until Sept of 2013 she was working 2 jobs and taking care of my ill father who was dying of cancer. It was a very tough task. My mom is still working 2 jobs to this day. She is the best mom anyone could ask for. She helps out anyone and everyone she can when she can. My mom really deserves this award for all she does for everyone.


Happy Mother's Day from 'GNA!