Today one of the biggest names in Country music turns 36, Happy Birthday Jason Aldean! In his honor I am posting a few of my favorite Aldean songs.

There are SO many great songs so here are a few that move me the most.

Starting with his latest "1994". I love this one because it's fun and now that it's subject, Joe Diffie is coming to Countryfest I am even more excited.



Love "Hicktown"! Do I really need to explain!



Okay you put Jason Aldean with Luke Bryan and Eric Church you have Gold or maybe Platinum! "It's the Only Way I know"



Okay two more then I'm done lol. "Johnny Cash" you put a hot chick and a black Trans Am in a video and you got my attention!



Finally this one will always mean something to me so I share it with you. "Don't Give Up On Me"