I remember when we bought a pull behind camper once on a whim.  It was a fun little thing to use, but the only problem was that our car wasn't rated to tow it!  This might be a problem for you folks looking to get into camping this summer.  I thought I'd do a little research for you

There are many vehicles that you can use for towing either a camper or a boat.  Some of them are actually fuel efficient, or relatively so.  I want to include a great article for you from msn.com.   It includes a huge database of all kinds of trucks and cars that you can use for this purpose.  There are also categories for high performance cars, popular family sedans - the list goes on and on.

But then again, we're talking mostly about camping here.  And nothing is more fun for the family.  I used to go to campsites in Saratoga County with my pop-up.  I'd bring my son and his friend.  It was a real bonding moment, and worth the investment (much more comfortable than just pitching a tent!)


Ok, that looks like fun too.  But the pop-ups and pull behind trailers are even more fun (but make sure that your car has the right towing capacity), and if it doesn't, you might just have to invest in one of these vehicles above - but you'll give the family valuable memories, and you'll help stimulate the auto industry at the same time


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