The Great Escape's newest thrill ride is arriving this summer will not be for the faint of heart.

One of the past times we missed the most last summer here in the Capital Region was sending days at the Great Escape. Excitement is building for the park's reopening this summer, and it will including the amusement park's newest, exciting thrill ride.

Adirondack Outlaw Rendering

According to a press release from the Great Escape, the park's newest ride, "Adirondack Outlaw," will arrive this summer. The park describes the attraction as a "High Flying Thrill Ride," and they are not kidding. The above photo is a rendering of the ride which is currently under construction to be ready for the season ahead.  The ride itself is 16 stories high and basically consists of a huge rotating arm that will flip riders head over heels at 50 miles per hour as it rotates to dizzying heights.

I'll be honest, I am pretty much a scaredy-cat when it comes to rides and would never jump on this one. AS I type this I can actually hear my wife Stacy, who loves this stuff, needling me in my head about not having the guts to jump on a ride like this! But for Capital Region thrill-seekers, the Outlaw and all the rides at Great Escape will be a welcome sight when they open for the season Saturday, May 1st. The park will first open weekends only with Hurrican Harbor opening up May 29th, and will shift to opening daily on June 24th.

You can get a jump on the Great Escape season ahead by purchasing tickets ahead of time, plus you can get up to speed on the COVID safety protocols this will have in place when they reopen.

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