Animals are incredible and zoos are currently the one way we have the ability to get as close as possible to the animals. They are animals though, with minds of their own and sometimes, they're pretty unpredictable like this grandma learned.

Imagine you're waiting with a crowd of people to see the next thing the monkey is going to do and you become part of the exhibit. Zookeeper Erin Vargo happened to be filming the chimpanzee exhibit over the weekend at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids when the chimp started to get more animated in response to onlookers. All of a sudden, the chimpanzee reaches under himself and throws his arm in the air. Without aiming, the chimp landed his poo right on the nose of a grandmother and someone exclaimed "It got Grandma!"

The grandma handled it like a champ though. She just turned her face to look at the camera. What else would you do in that situation? Do you have a funny animal interaction story?

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