Governor Cuomo has announced his plan to address our State’s homelessness problem.


Yesterday, Governor Cuomo announced his 5-year plan to address homelessness in New York, which starts with the opening of 1200 housing units.  These housing units would be for the homeless in need of mental health care, work training, or other services.  He is also seeking to have over 500 beds available in state facilities in NYC.

Cuomo’s plan, which is slated to have a $10 billion price tag when all is said and done, also includes a new Council on Homelessness and state wide inspections of all homeless shelters.

Mario Tama, Getty Images

Over the next 5 years, the Governor hopes to add 6,000 housing units while improving services offered to the homeless.  Of the shelters inspected already, severe problems were detected.  As a result, these shelters will be required to fix problems of face the risk of losing funding, even closure.

The number of homeless people continues to grow in NYS, I commend the Governor and our law makers for taking steps to help.