On Tuesday, January 15tth, Governor Cuomo signed for NY gun control laws involving limits to firearms and bullet purchases, as well as mental health regulations.  It is the country’s first to go into law since the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings.

New York has already been known for having strict gun control laws.  The newly signed laws reinforce the existing assault weapons ban in New York, put limitations on the number of bullets you can have in magazines, and include a requirement for mental health providers to report individuals who may be in danger of potentially harmful behaviors to themselves or others.  There will be a database containing pistol permit information, and all gun sales will require a background check – including sales of guns that take place between individuals.

This law will also result in mandatory life sentences for people who murder first responders – as a result of a recent ambush on firefighters who were shot when they arrived on the scene of an upstate New York fire.

You can read more about the new gun control laws in NY on TimesUnion.com.

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