After our recent surge in COVID-19 cases in New York, a little bit of good news is starting to shine through.

I think we have all been focusing on the good news during the pandemic as a means to keep fighting through it. And few of those rays of light broke through this week.

First, Governor Cuomo showed some optimism today during his daily press conference in regards to the potential of another shutdown. According to the Governor's website, he said: " I believe we can avoid a shutdown because we can slow the spread and the hospitals can manage the increase in cases." The Governor said with the spike in cases after Thanksgiving he thinks New Yorkers will be more vigilant during the Christmas holiday. Plus, the vaccine getting rolled out and hospitals increasing capacity are other factors that should help prevent another shutdown.

Another piece of good news that came out in the coronavirus data released by the Governor's office: hospitalizations went down day today by 66 and patients in ICU fell by 27. These two stats are watched closely to ensure sure hospitals do not get overhwhelmed, so seeing them go down is certainly good news. Hopefully, these stats trending down continues and beocnes a daily occurrence.

I will close with what could maybe be one more piece of good news, a positive effect of all the snow we got. It will be interesting to watch the infection rates over the coming weeks. While Thanksgiving led to a spike, will this week's winter storm have the opposite effect? The Capital Region basically shutdown yesterday with all the snow flying. If a day of gatherings could lead to a spike, it only makes sense that a day of everyone staying home can push things in the other direction, even just a little bit. The numbers will tell us if Mother Nature lent a helping hand!

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