Governor Cuomo announced plans for a regional approach to reopening New York's economy.

For parts of the state who have not been hit as hard by the coronavirus, things could be opening up sooner than later. Governor Cuomo announced today the state will now focus on opening up by region, according to a Times Union story. Previous plans were to focus on a statewide opening.

The Times Union report says the regional approach will look at 10 individual areas of the state and will determine when to reopen based on "...infection rates, hospitalizations and bed capacity, and other data."

This has to be good news for the Capital Region. While we have certainly dealt with the coronavirus, it has not been nearly as bad on areas around New York City. With all the stay at home measures and social distancing, you have to imagine we have put ourselves in a good position to reopen soon. Especially with the new mask initiative that has been put in to place. If we keep our distance, one would have to imagine we can start reopening certain businesses to help get the economy moving again.

Let's we hope we get some good news on this soon!

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