Chef Gordon Ramsey is coming to a place that’s not too far from the Albany area.

He’s coming to the historic Cambridge Hotel in Cambridge, New York which is in Washington County.

From a story in the Times Union, he’ll be there to film part of his new Fox television show “Hotel Hell,” on January 25 – January 28. It’s going to be similar to his popular show “Kitchen Nightmares.” The plans are for him to help fix up privately owned lodging establishments that are struggling, in this case, remaking The Cambridge Hotel.

If you have ever seen Gordon Ramsey work his “magic” in his own spicy way, you know we might be able to hear him yell in Albany County. (Cambridge is about 45 miles northeast of Albany.) Some other Ramsey shows besides “Kitchen Nightmares” are “Hells Kitchen" and “The F Word.”

Here's a sample of Chef Ramsey's performance:

Do you have a favorite Gordon Ramsey show?