Proctors' Theatre is getting ready to make some changes that will improve your experience at Secret Star and all of their shows.

I think you would agree: Proctors' in Schenectady is an amazing theater. It is the perfect venue for GNA's Secret Star Acoustic Jam, and just a great venue overall to see a show. But according to theater representatives, there has been one complaint of the years.

According to the Daily Gazette, this summer Proctors will be putting new seats in the main theater. A representative told the Gazette the seats are the one thing they consistently get complaints about. So this August and September the 2,500 plus seats in the theater will be replaced with new ones. The new seats will not only be more comfortable (The will be 2 inches wider with Better cushions), but they will also offer a hearing loop for the hearing impaired. Those with hearing aids will be able to more easily pick up the audio from the shows.

So at the next Secret Star Acoustic, you can expect to be a little more comfortable in your seat. Now if we can just get Proctors' to add a few more them, right?


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