Talk about good sports.  I'm not entirely convinced that Chris and Preston from LoCash were ok with us crashing their tour bus after they performed at our Jingle Jam last Thursday.  But once we got on, we were determined to spread some Holiday cheer.  Once they opened up about their favorite Christmas memories, we got them to sing a little Christmas diddy with us. And then we left...we promise.

The guys from LoCash put on one heckuva show at our GNA Jingle Jam last week and just when they thought they could get outta town, we invaded their tour bus!  They were great sports about it.  I mean how could they resist?  We were wearing blinking Christmas lights around our neck and even brought 'instruments' for us to perform X-Mas songs with them.  I actually think they kind of enjoyed it, but we'll let you be the judge.  Here goes:


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