There is another boost coming to Saratoga County. GlobalFoundries has decided that it will be officially moving its main headquarters from the west coast to Malta, NY. This is a huge win, not only for Malta but for Saratoga County and all of New York state.

According to News Channel 13, this is a major coup for semiconductor manufacturing which Senator Chuch Schumer has been pushing for along with federal support. Global Foundries will now make their headquarters in Malta moving from the Silicon Valley in California. This will also allow for more jobs in the Capital Region and give a boost to the local economy. Manufacturing these semiconductors here in the United States allows the country to compete with foreign manufacturers.

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Senator Chuck Schumer said of the move:

This is a huge shot in the arm for our Capital Region economy and is a giant step in our goal to make Albany one of the, well it already is, but to enhance Albany's position as one of the chip fab capitals, not just of America, but of the world.

This will definitely bring more jobs to the area and hopefully get the economy not only in Saratoga County, but the Capital Region moving again. Not only will it create more jobs at GlobalFoundries, but the entire area will get a boost from restaurants to stores and small shops. This is definitely a positive move for the area.

I am excited that GlobalFoundries will move its headquarters to Malta. I just hope in doing so they don't have to build more roundabouts in that area. I don't think that Malta can handle any more. I know I can't navigate them as it is.

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