Over the weekend, we were out and about a lot. We went everywhere, from a trampoline place, to shopping then to having lunch at a restaurant. Everywhere we went, it seemed like everyone was living through their phones.

I admit I took a few snap chats of Ryan when we were at the trampoline place, but then my phone was put away.

The worst was at the restaurant. I looked around at one point and there was a table of six. Mom and a Dad, three teenage kids and their grandmother. They were all done with their meals, waiting for the bill, but they were all glued to their phones and not talking to each other.

Then at another table, there was a couple having lunch. They were probably in their late twenties. I saw them order, chat for a minute and then both of them went on their phones.

The worst one, though, was a Dad with his teenage daughter. He wasn't on his phone at all. She was on hers the entire time. I'm talking from the moment they sat down. I saw the Dad try to interact with her, but all she did was nod at him while still glued to her phone. It was sad to watch.

Listen, I am guilty of being my phone too on occasion. But I ask you to look around, notice how many people who are doing this. Then make an effort to be present. Life's so short, be in the moment and interact with the people around you. Look them in the face and talk to them. You can always go on social media when you have a moment alone.

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