Yes! Spring is finally here and Dairy Queen is celebrating the first day of Spring a with 'sweet' freebie.

Spring is FINALLY here, right? Winter was as long as it always is, but it just seemed a little longer than normal this year with all the little snowstorms we got over the last 8 weeks. So the first day of Spring tomorrow, and everything that goes with it, is a welcome sight.

Dairy Queen is celebrating day 1 of Spring by giving you a sweet warm weather treat. Tomorrow (Weds. March 20th) is DQ's Free Cone Day. Simply walk in and get a free, small vanilla cone at participating DQ locations. And it even looks like the weather is going to feel Spring like with temps in the 50's. Not exactly hot yet, but at lease your cone won't melt tomorrow!

DQ has Capital Region locations on Central Avenue in Albany and on State Route 66 in Ghent.


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