I decided to chance the trek to the party without stopping to get gas because it was also very cold out.  Fortunately, I made it Schenectady without running out completely.

Courtesy of Andrea Rentz, Getty Images.

Lately, I feel as though I have been testing fate more and more.  When I first bought my car (7-years ago) I babied it so much that I never let the tank get less than a quarter of a tank.  Someone told me years ago it wasn't good for a vehicle to do that a lot because you can clog your gas filter or something.So the question is, "am I driving more and more these days or am I just more reluctant to spend $40 to fill my little 4-cyclinder?"

The answer -- a little of both.  I probably do drive a little more than I did when I first bought my car in college.  However, I also can't remember the last time I filled my tank.  Maybe a month ago?  I just don't have the heart to spendAnd it isn't suppose to get any better.  Gas prices are at a two-year high, averaging  three-dollars, eleven-cents for a gallon of regular gas.  Are you kidding me?