This was quite the shocker.  A top five contestant featured prominently on America's Got Talent who recently was asked by Garth Brooks to perform at Garth's Notre Dame show on October 20th, was arrested on Thursday and charged with felony domestic violence.

According to TMZ, AGT finalist Michael Ketterer was arrested on Thursday by LAPD after he got into a fight with his wife. After the cops showed up and noticed a visible red mark, he was immediately arrested.

Ketterer, who placed 5th on the show, endeared himself to fans and judge Simon Cowell with his incredible back story which includes fostering multiple children with his wife. But he touched more than just fans.  Garth Brooks himself reached out to the singer and offered to write him a song - which Ketterer preformed on the show's season finale - and the opportunity to open up for Brooks at Notre Dame stadium on October 20th.
TMZ is also reporting that according to Ketterer, the whole thing was a 'big misunderstanding' but that an 'arguement' did ensue. While his wife decided not to press charges, he was arrested and released after posting $50,000 bail.

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