I was a little bit clueless about this new phenomenon taking over the interweb -the Gangnam Style Dance, created by a guy named Psy (short for psycho -really!)

For the uninitiated, like me, I thought I would show you the original dance that almost 16 million people have viewed on YouTube. After that ,we will more fully understand the take-off that our producer, Levack found

Who the heck is this guy?  According to the Businessinsider.com, he is a South Korean family man with two daughters.

He's been around for awhile actually, and has had run ins with the law in the past.  He became a huge pop star there, and his Gangnam Style video  according to the article:

... has acquired more than 229 million views, and is currently number one on the iTunes chart overtaking Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."


You can read more about him in the article at Businessinsider.com.

OK, that being said, here's Levack's find: a bunch of prisoners doing the dance.  Of course this raises a question - should they be allowed to "have fun" and post things on the web when in prison?  Just sayin' - but I guess that's for another post.