Wow this video is just so cool. You don't have to be a fan of "Game Of Thrones" to appreciate this at all , but I bet it makes it even better. I am just amazed at not only what they can do with special effects these days but also how well they have used them for television.

We are all used to seeing major special effects in major motion pictures, so much so that we can't always pick out when we are watching something done with live action or something completely computer generated. Television has always been a little behind movies in this regard and most certainly do not have the same budgets to work with, perhaps being that "Game of Thrones" is an HBO production and a huge hit may be a factor though.

Either way, if you enjoy seeing how things are done like I do , you are going to LOVE this video.

Game of Thrones (HBO) - Hardhome (VFX Breakdown) from El Ranchito Imagen Digital on Vimeo.