The investigation into what happened is still ongoing. Our hearts go out to the families.

UPDATE 12/27/2017 1:44 p.m.: Police are reporting that the four people killed in Troy include two children and two adult women. Details are being withheld in order to aid the investigation. Police held a press conference this afternoon. Watch it here:

The Times Union is reporting that four people have been found dead in a Troy home today and that police are on the scene investigating. The home is on Second Avenue in Troy and has been, according to the Times Union's reporting, been cordoned off with police tape while state and local police investigate.

WNYT adds that Police Captain Dan DeWolf has called the deaths a quadruple homicide. Police have temporarily blocked off all traffic on Second Ave.

There appears to be no word as of yet on who might be a suspect or whether or not they are still at large in the area. We will update this story with information as it becomes available.

Everyone stay as safe as you can and as always in these kinds of situations, if you have any information at all, please contact the police.

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