There's literally a day for everything.  Some are warranted more than others.  Anything that brings awareness to disease prevention, people who serve and protect, and food are pretty much alright in my book. Today is "National Food on a Stick" day and for the love of kebabs, it couldn't be more justified!

Food on a stick is fast, convenient and most importantly, delicious!  Ever notice that just about anything on a stick tastes better?  A chocolate shell over a plain vanilla ice cream bar and serve it a plate is borrrringgg. Add a stick to the mix and you have a decadent, delicious Dove bar!  Chicken chunks, cherry tomatoes and a grilled onion or two doesn't sound very appetizing to me.  Sit that sucker on a wooden stick and throw that bad boy on a fire; you my friend have a Kebab.  And a PARTY!  Don't even get me started on the magic that is the Candy Apple.

Shrimp, beef, lamb, chicken, veggies, apples, ice cream, and marshmallows are all better when they're pierced with a thin wooden plank!  No mess, no fuss, no question about it. I'll stick to what I know, food tastes better when it's on one!

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