After the snowfall over the weekend, have you been waiting for the plows to come clear up the snow on your street? If you're from Schenectady, you can use one website to follow them in real time!

I'm from Schenectady, still live there, and I've never lived anywhere else to compare but they're pretty quick to get our main roads cleared. I don't know of a time after a heavy snowfall that Union Street isn't already taken care of already. If you don't live on a main street, though, you may be wondering if the plows hit your street yet. Now, Schenectady has a website for that.

I found it first on The Daily Gazette website. Now, whether you're a Schenectady resident or looking to come to the city and want to know the plowed streets, check out this map. You can see the plow locations in real time and blue lines show where they've been in the past four hours. Mayor Gary McCarthy announced on his Twitter that this FleetFinder GPS service is live and now you can use it to see the update of your street.

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