I have been down for the count for the last week with the flu. I felt good enough to come back in to work today here at WGNA.

If you have not gotten vaccinated for the flu this year I would strongly urge you to do so, and have your kids vaccinated too.  The strain I had started out very weird.

I was eating lunch last week and all of a sudden out of the blue my throat started killing me. The next thing that happened was my sinuses filled up.

In less than 2 hours my voice was shot. It stayed gone until about mid afternoon yesterday.

On top of that I had the bone aches in my legs and the fever as well.

Flu is not fun. I will say that the whole "chicken soup" thing does work to some extent, but sleep and fluids are the biggest part of getting better.

Do have the Flu too? Hey, that rhymes. Let me know.

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