We were one of the very first radio stations in America to play "Cruise" by Florida-Georgia Line here at Today's Country 1077 'GNA. After one listen we knew it was a hit. For new artists or groups it is very hard to break through with that first hit. To every one artist or band that makes it through there are about a thousand who never get a hit at all, not to mention a number one hit or even a Nashville recording deal. Florida-Georgia Line who record on Republic Nashville Records have done both. They got their first ever release played, and took it all the way to number one. I saw this one coming a mile away, and these guys are special. If you think the song "Cruise" is great, keep listening becasue they have three or four songs on their debut CD that are even better than that! They are selling out clubs all over America with crowds of 1,000- 1,500 people which is unheard of with a brand new band in country music.