It’s hard to believe that Memorial Day weekend is almost here. It’s the unofficial start of summer. After mowing my lawn for the third time this year, I started thinking about some stuff that I may have to do to get ready for the holiday weekend that’s coming up. Hopefully we’ll have some fantastic weather like we had on Friday.

3rd Infantry Soldiers Return From Active Duty In Iraq

5) Get the grill ready

Some of us have already done some grilling. If you haven’t, it’s time to clean it up. Also make sure that you have enough charcoal or propane to cook your favorites.

4) Get food and drinks for your cookout

Make your list of goodies for that cookout, and head to Hannaford, Price Chopper or whatever your favorite market is. Maybe Sean’s coupon lady can help you save some money.

3) Prep the lawn furniture

If you put into storage, take it out, clean it and set it up.

2) Make your vacation plans

I’ll bet you didn’t think I’d throw that one in. Most people have probably already done this, but after all, it’s almost time to go on a summer vacation.

1) Raise your flag

If you don’t have an American flag, get one. Gettysburg Flag Works is in East Greenbush and Rensselaer. If you do have one, get it ready to honor all the people that have served our country - past, present and future. Hey, it will be Memorial Day weekend, and that’s what it’s all about. To all of our Veterans, thank you.


So what are you doing to get ready for the Memorial Day Weekend?




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