I don't know about you , but I am very excited to learn that they will finally make a sequel to ""Finding Nemo". I never could understand why they haven't already, I mean , doesn't Hollywood "franchise" anything that is remotely successful?

The only saving grace for me is, I'm sure there are others who have actually been waiting longer. I actually didn't see "Finding Nemo" when it came out because my kids were past the Disney/Pixar age when it came out. Though I know many people who love the movies so much, they are willing to rent or borrow other children to take to the theater with them to see the movies when they come out.

It is however one of my Wife's favorite movies. So through her I eventually saw, and fell in love with it myself.

Ellen Degeneres, made the announcement that I saw and I think it is only fitting because her role as "Dory" made that movie! I in fact, very often live by the phrase  "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.."

Here is Ellen making the announcement on her show, she includes a clip of the many, many times she begged for the studio to make the sequel over the years, which is pretty funny too.

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