It is good news for those who are still unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It's hard to believe we have been dealing with COVID-19 and all of its ramifications for 5 months now. Unfortunately, one of those negative effects is many are still out of work due to the pandemic. Fortunately, more relief is coming for those still trying to get back to work right now.

According to a New York Upstate report, and FEMA grant will be providing an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits for those still out of work due to COVID-19. It is not exactly clear when the additional benefit would be available to New Yorkers are the current systems in place across the state need to be adjusted to get the FEMA money into the hands of those who need it. One would imagine this should happen in the next few weeks. Those currently in need of the benefit can learn more from FEMA here.

As the infection rate continues to dwindle here in New York and more things continue to reopen (IE - gyms finally opened today!) lets hope the unemployed can all get back to work as soon as possible. Outside of the virus itself, the toughest part of dealing with this virus has been those affected economically by something they could not control.

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