May is National Military Appreciation Month. Personally, I appreciate our Nation's Military 24/7-365. It's because of those brave men and women that we get to do what we do here in the good ol' US of A!

Country music also honors our military on number of different levels whether it be doing a USO tour much like Toby Keith and Kellie Picker to name a few have done or just writing a heart felt song that shows how much we appreciate these American Heroes. I always sing along to these kinds of songs when I hear them on GNA and here are just a few of my all time favorites.

1. Toby Keith -- Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue (The Angry American)

A song Toby ends every one of his shows with. When I saw him last Summer at SPAC, he brought up a pair of Armed Forces members from the crowd during this song. Brought a tear to my eye.

2. Toby Keith -- American Soldier

A song that gets in the mind of our brave fighting men and women. Very Powerful lyrics. Toby always plays this one at his shows as well, just before "Courtesy".

3. Darryl Worley -- I Just Came Back From A War

It is very obvious that Darryl loves his country. "Have You Forgotten" is one of my favorites as a proud American. I also love this one as it puts us in the shoes of a member of the military and tells us what they go through and how war can change people.

4. Billy Ray Cyrus -- Some Gave All

The reason why the USA is the greatest country in the world. All because, "All Gave Some and Some Gave All".  It's because of these people, we have the freedoms we do today!

5. Trace Adkins -- Arlington

Some very powerful lyrics that put us in the shoes of a soldier that gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

God Bless our Military for everything they do each and every day and God Bless America!

There are so many great songs out there that honor our Armed Forces, which ones are your favorites??

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