Every woman is beautiful. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, being a woman or not, so when I saw the idea for this show I was outraged.

As a woman, I have body issues of my own and I couldn't imagine someone coming up to me asking if I was pregnant if I wasn't. That would honestly crush my self-esteem.That's girl code, unless you know someone is pregnant, you don't ask - just in case!

I came across this satirical Dutch TV show, the title translates to "Take Your Swimming Gear with You." They just started this segment called "Fat or Pregnant?" The concept of this segment brings out one woman and two presenters decide by looking at her if she's fat or pregnant.

I'm sure I don't have to put into words just how terrible this idea is for a segment. I understand that the show is satirical and the women on this show decided to be on it but just putting that idea out into the world is horrifying. It's never okay to laugh at how a woman looks and in a sense, it puts a bad light on the beautiful thing that is a pregnant woman. With the internet backlash, I'm assuming this isn't going to last very long but I can't believe someone decided this was even close to a good idea.

This isn't just terrible to women on the show, this is terrible to women as a whole. Do you agree or am I just reading too far into this?

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