If you're like me, you're probably constantly scrolling through Netflix looking for something new to watch. If you're either a documentary fan, a country music fan, or a Johnny Cash fan (best if you're all three) check out this new one I just watched!

The documentary apparently came out in October 2018 but I didn't see it until recently, called "Tricky Dicky and the Man in Black." If you were around in the 1970s, then this story may sound familiar, but was fascinating to me, born in 1988.

Throughout the documentary, we get the personal experiences of Cash's son, sister, as well as members of Nixon's campaign team talking about this one event: Johnny Cash playing at the White House. They describe how President Nixon needed the votes and support of the south, the same people (mostly conservatives) that Cash engrained himself with after the backlash of the Vietnam War.

To Nixon, it seemed obvious that he invite Johnny Cash to play at the White House. The only issue, was that Cash tended to be quiet with his political opinion and the White House had no idea which way Cash's opinion on the Vietnam War leaned and what kind of speech he had planned for that night. You have to watch to find out what happened!

It was a rather quick watch, plus, you can't hate on any documentary that features some of Johnny Cash's music, right? If you're interested in the history of country music or Johnny Cash in particular, watch this documentary while it's still available!

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