Every year, as the leaves begin to change and we start bringing out our jackets, we can look forward to some of the best Fall Festivals!  This Saturday, September 17, St. Michael's Church in Cohoes presents a Fall Festival with a 'Country' and 'Polish' twist!

Of course you'll see pumpkins, vegetables, flowers and farm goods, but this Fall Festival kicks things up with a Jazz Band, Polish Dance Groups, Polish Beer, Harvest Thyme Wagon, Cash for Gold Party, Pierogi's, Kielbasa, Polish Beer and I'll be hosting a Country Dance Party from 2-5pm on Saturday, September 17.

The festival runs Saturday, Noon-8pm and Sunday, Noon-6pm at St. Michael's Church, 20 Page Aveunue, Cohoes.

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What is your favorite Fall Festival in the area?

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