You laugh! You snicker! But if you really think about it, you might not own your own "puss" anymore if you are a "Facebooker".  Read on if you dare.

It's a scary thought but the way things are going, and the way people put everything and anything about themselves online, we are quickly losing our own identities.   Your own face is even at risk of being hijacked to eventually line the pockets of advertisers possibly, or for who knows WHAT other reason.  (Surveillance, maybe?)

Check out Facebook (no pun intended).  According to an article at,  this fine social media monstrosity has introduced a new service called "Moments".  Here's how it works

Look at that!  It scans your face and detects who you were with and automatically sends notifications to the others that these photos are available.  I agree with the Fortune article:

Your face is like your fingerprint: It’s a set of identifying markers that are distinct to you and, short of major surgery, can’t be erase

What ELSE can they use your FACE for?  Now they are going to have a database of selfies?  Plus it's scanning all of your photos!  Isn't' that creepy enough?  What happens if you were at a place you really didn't want anyone to know about?  Your life isn't private anymore if someone snaps a photo of you in some crowd somewhere.

Sorry Facebook.  Not a fan of this at all.  How about YOU?

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