On this weekend before Christmas everyone is busy making final preparations for the big day.  Nobody is any busier than Santa himself and he got some good news from the Federal Aviation Administration this week.

The FAA announced that Santa One, the reindeer-powered sleigh Santa Claus uses to deliver presents to children around the world, has been cleared for its worldwide Christmas Eve flight.

Santa has always been the best at delivering toys with precision and reliability.  But according to the Federal Aviation Administration, Santa's sleigh will be faster, quieter and more efficient this year due to the help of some new technologies.

The FAA reported that a special team of elves outfitted Santa's sleigh with sophisticated equipment so that Santa can fly more efficiently from a cruising altitude of 50,000 feet down to rooftops.

If you are interested in learning more about the new technology, Santa's approved flight plan and more check out Santa Story 2012 on the FAA website.


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