So relatively speaking explosions can be quite scary. Apparently they can also be quite legal.

Sunday afternoon around 3 PM Police started receiving many calls about a loud boom, also black smoke. Police to the scene had discovered what the stir was all about. An intentional explosion of a car off of Sweet Road in Argyle.

An old Volkswagen was lined with Tannerite to set it a blaze, and a boom. The chemical is used to bring down trees, barns and more commonly for long distance target practice with guns. It explodes upon the impact of a bullet.

"I don't recommend anybody use this outside its actual use," said Washington County Undersheriff John Winchell. "Tannerite, on their web site, says not to use anything more than a pound. And that's only for long distance targets." Winchell says the men told police they used 15 pounds of the explosive. - News Channel 13

The Sheriffs department have clarified that while Tannerite isn't illegal as it was used on private property and is legal to buy, they also urge to be respectful of your neighbors. After all, towns over called on this matter. Can you imagine what the neighbors were thinking?

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