What on earth!! How can all of the people that are working as part of the Troy Police be placed on administrative leave!?!?

At first the original article as posted by News 10 was very, very vague and left us all speculating. Thankfully there is now a touch of clarity. As of this moment the city is undergoing an internal investigation on the matter. Basically the root of the matter is someone entering a home without a legal warrant and then to cover it all up wrote a report to save themselves from the activity.

As according to News 10 and Troy City Council President and mayoral candidate Carmella Mantella,

“I was informed by Troy Mayor Patrick Madden that all members of the Troy Police Department’s Firearms Interdiction and Narcotics Suppression (FINS) unit were placed on leave. I am deeply concerned that this would remove from the front line of a total police department unit in our city’s fight against drugs and related matters. I am calling upon the Mayor to advise the Council and the public as to how the city would fill the gap and responsibilities of this important unit. While part of this issue is a personnel issue, according to the city, the actual circumstances of this case should be revealed. In other words, what specifically caused the removal of this unit from their duties of protecting the public? I don’t believe in anytime in the city history has a total police department unit been removed from carrying out their duties and responsibilities.” NEWS 10

I think we can all agree 100% with the statement made by Mantella. How can an internal matter with a few or even one specific employees lead to an entire units suspension? How can a city with such a dark side be riddled with such controversy that involves just a few? Shouldn't the public be owed an explanation as to why this is happening?

What is known is that "multiple" officers in question tried to scope out a suspect who wasn't home. All good. No issues there. Then decided to, without warrant, enter a victims home. Issue. Even though evidence was found this is still a law broken. Beyond that a report false as it may be was written up. This in my opinion sounds as if it was to cover someones ass or many peoples. A pure mess in Troy regardless.

Here is my opinion, Okay while yes it is wrong and illegal to do what was done without a warrant. If evidence was found why is it an issue. The false report. I get it. Why put the entire department on administrative leave??? That seems like complete BS in my opinion. Put the people in question on leave and leave the rest alone. Is this an example being set by Mayor Patrick Madden? If so, it is a bad on in my eyes. Punish people who shouldn't be and put a city at risk, great example.

That last paragraph is my speculation mind you.

More detail on the matter is linked below from News 10.




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