Josh Turner is ditching his hometown of Hannah, South Carolina for Nashville and even though he knows it's the best thing for his career, he's feeling guilty. No one in his family has ever left their hometown, ever!

You hear stories about people who never leave their hometown, but Josh Turner's story is pretty amazing. He's able to trace his family roots back his third great-grandfather.  To put that in layman's terms, that's five daddy's and over 150 years ago without a single Turner moving out of the small South Carolina town. Josh says that it was the "tobacco farming" culture that kept them all there.

I've always wanted to dive deep into my family roots and see what I'll find, and I regret not doing it.  It's fascinating to me.  It is believed my dad's great-grandparents immigrated from Russia while my mothers came to the USA from Sicily, Italy. Do you even realize that a trillion and one things had to happen (all at the perfect time) before my parents even had the chance to give me life.  I'll never fully be able to appreciate what my ancestors went through just to get to this country, but I'm hoping to at least know where the trek started.

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