The ice skating rink at the Empire State Plaza in Albany will be opening up soon. It has been closed since 2007 because of several state budget deficiencies.

The rink which is across from the New York State capitol building, will be in full operation for skaters seven days a week during the afternoon. The best part is there will be no admission. It’s free family fun.

The rink had been missed by quite a few people, because it gave them something to do during the cold winter months, and since there’s no admission, it makes it an even better way to spend those cold afternoons.

This is going to be made possible by the Lake Placid Regional Winter Sports Committee. They are contributing $100,000. This will cover the ice rink operations. There will be skating clinics from time to time, too.

I know some people that will be very happy about the rink opening up. Now all we need is some really cold weather for the winter activity. Let’s face it, we live in New York and we know it’s going to get cold. This is a way to have some fun and not complain about it being cold.

As far as skating, I tried it a couple of times and let’s just say I enjoy being able to sit down – pain free. Do you ice skate?