On Saturday, December 21 Michael's Banquet House in Latham will host the BEST Christmas Party in the Albany Area. The night features delicious food, oldies music with Joey Pucci, Country Line Dancing with Kevin Richards, and the award winning Drew Polsun as Elvis.

We recently chatted with Drew Polsun about his role as Elvis and why everyone will love this Christmas Party! Click here for tickets.

Q: Why do people associate Elvis with Christmas?

A: Well if your an Elvis fan like myself, Elvis is a big part of your life and those parts are always associated with Holidays. Elvis was always associated with Gospel music and had many Christmas albums but the main reason may be that his 68' Comeback Special aired on television December 3rd 1968 where he sang Blue Christmas, that's what I think of around Christmas time.

Q: What is your favorite Elvis Christmas song?

A: For me, they all are my favorites but I think the most enjoyable one for me to sing is, If Every Day Could Be Just Like Christmas.

Q: If I'm not an Elvis fan (or familiar with his music), would I enjoy this event?

A: Absolutely! This Christmas show is full of much more than Elvis. Hosted by Kevin Richards with Country Line Dancing, Joey Pucci, (a phenomenal drummer), and the American Long boards Band with some drum driven oldies to dance to, a fantastic Gourmet Dinner, Mr. & Mrs. Santa Clause, prizes and raffles, and of course the live band Elvis Tribute. Our tribute show is designed to be entertaining to everyone, even if your not an Elvis fan. I have had people tell me they are not an Elvis fan but after seeing the show, they are now a big Drew fan. So please come out and enjoy!

Q: What has been your career highlight to date?

A: I have been blessed to have so many but I don't consider one to be more important than the next. The ones I do hold dear are the people that send me cards and letters telling me I changed their life or gave them reason to go on. It's truly amazing what the power of song can do.

Q: What's a fun fact that you like to share about Elvis?

It's just the plain and simple fact that Elvis had such a great sense of humor, on stage and off. He loved to joke around, pull pranks and just live life and laugh. If you watch some of these things on You Tube, you can't help but laugh with him, his laughter was intoxicating.

Call 518-785-8524 for tickets or click here.

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